Chhim, Sotheara

A Cambodian psychiatrist and mental health advocate who has been healing his countrymen’s unique trauma, baksbat

Hattori, Tadashi

A Japanese ophthalmologist and humanitarian who has committed his time and resources in providing free eye surgeries in Vietnam

Madrid, Bernadette J.

A Filipino pediatrician who has been championing the Filipino child’s right to protection by creating safe spaces for abused children nationwide

Bencheghib, Gary

A young Frenchman who is on a mission of eradicating marine plastic pollution in Bali, Indonesia one river at a time

Saqib, Muhammad Amjad

A visionary who founded one of the largest microfinance institutions in Pakistan, servicing millions of families

Qadri, Firdausi

A Bangladeshi scientist who has been instrumental in discovering vaccines that have saved millions of lives

Muncy, Steven

A humanitarian who has been helping the displaced refugees of Southeast Asia rebuild their lives

Watchdoc Media Mandiri

A production house that ingeniously combines documentary filmmaking and alternative platforms to highlight underreported issues in Indonesia

Ballon, Roberto

A fisherman from Southern Philippines who has led a community in restoring their rich aquatic resources and their primary source of livelihood