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Laureate Library & Museum

The Magsaysay Laureate Library and Museum is envisioned to be a major repository and scholastic oasis for the study and research of transformative leadership and greatness of spirit that made a difference to the peoples of Asia and made an impact to human development. Currently, it houses a large collection of reference materials on the Magsaysay Laureates and the advocacies they are working on, including previously unpublished papers and documents, books, photos, and other archival materials about Asia’s leadership icons, as well as inspiring stories of ordinary women and men in Asia who have done extraordinary work that transformed communities and societies, and fulfilled human aspirations in Asia and the world. Upon its completion, the Laureate Library and Museum will feature curated items and special exhibits, documentaries, and forums about the life and work of the Laureates.

Our Vision

To become Asia’s premier destination for inspiration and hope through the lens of the Magsaysay Laureates and the life of the late President Ramon Magsaysay

Our Mission

To promote greatness of spirit and the transformative work and teachings of the Magsaysay Laureates and the late President Ramon Magsaysay

To deepen people’s understanding of Asia’s issues through meaningful dialogues and encounters with the Magsaysay community

To provide resources to support the development of outstanding transformative leaders

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Planning a Research Visit

  • Due to the ongoing cleanup and renovation of the library area, onsite research visit is temporarily closed. For archive materials request, you may contact the Librarian via email (
  • Visit to the Library is strictly by appointment.
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  • All visitors are requested to follow the Covid-19 Screening and Safety protocols which are based on guidelines from the Department of Health and World Health Organization.
  • Visitors are requested to wear facemask when it is not possible to maintain six feet away from other Library patrons for an extended period of time.

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