The Ramon Magsaysay Center

The Ramon Magsaysay Center honors a national leader and perpetuates a program giving contemporary meaning to his ideals for Filipinos, fellow Asians and men everywhere. Highest standards and restrained elegance appropriate to a national memorial characterize the Center.


An Architectural Gem for a Workplace or Venue for Events

The Ramon Magsaysay Center, designed by Alfredo Luz and Associates, offers a distinctive architecture, ingenious structural design, spaciousness, accessible location, and prime view of the Manila Bay. It is composed of two main structures: 1) The Commercial Tower, an 18-storey building which contains mostly corporate offices, and 2) The Foundation building, a two-storey L-shaped structure that houses the Laureate Library and Mini Museum, conference rooms, and the Ramon Magsaysay Hall which is often used for big corporate and private functions.

Our Co-Working Spaces


Opening in 2023: An extensive library of traditional and digital publications about the Ramon Magsaysay Laureates—first of its kind in the world—and a mini-museum in homage to the late President Ramon Magsaysay.

The Business Center

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