The Ramon Magsaysay Center

The Ramon Magsaysay Center honors a national leader and perpetuates a program giving contemporary meaning to his ideals for Filipinos, fellow Asians and men everywhere. Highest standards and restrained elegance appropriate to a national memorial characterize the Center.


An Architectural Gem for a Workplace or Venue for Events

The Ramon Magsaysay Center, designed by Alfredo Luz and Associates, offers a distinctive architecture, ingenious structural design, spaciousness, accessible location, and prime view of the Manila Bay. It is composed of two main structures: 1) The Commercial Tower, an 18-storey building which contains mostly corporate offices, and 2) The Foundation building, a two-storey L-shaped structure that houses the Laureate Library and Mini Museum, conference rooms, and the Ramon Magsaysay Hall which is often used for big corporate and private functions.

Conference Rooms

Looking for a small function room good for 8-15 people? Choose from three options: Abella Room, Perez Room, and Board Room.


Opening in 2023: An extensive library of traditional and digital publications about the Ramon Magsaysay Laureates—first of its kind in the world—and a mini-museum in homage to the late President Ramon Magsaysay.

The Commercial Tower

The 67-meter high completely air-conditioned tower provides 11,745 square meters of prime rentable area on 14 floors. With an efficient core arrangement housing elevators, stairs and washrooms, and entirely column-free rental space in bays approximately 10 meters deep on three sides and six meters deep on the east, a maximum adaptability in office layout is achieved. Four elevators offer service to all floors.

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