The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Awardees from 2014

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Hu, Shuli

China’s “most dangerous woman” who has changed her country’s media landscape through her balanced and strongly-researched journalistic style that does not stir up emotions, and keeps its eye on the issues rather than on personalities

Manurung, Saur Marlina

A young Indonesian anthropologist who decided to devote her life to protecting and uplifting the lives of Indonesia’s Orang Rimba, the local name for “forest people”

Masoudi, Omara Khan

A courageous leader who has been engaged, against great odds, in preserving the Afghan heritage for generations present and future

The Citizens Foundation

A nonprofit organization, established by a group of six Pakistani business leaders and executives, that aims to “remove barriers of class and privilege” through affordable, quality education and “to make the citizens of Pakistan agents of positive change

Wang, Canfa

An environmental lawyer who has played an essential role in addressing China’s environmental problem