The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Awardees from 2012

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Chen Shu-Jiu

A devout Buddhist and market vendor who works seventeen hours a day to change the world through seemingly ordinary acts of empathy and magnanimity

Davide, Romulo

An agricultural scientist hailed as the “Father of Plant Nematology” for his many years of teaching and groundbreaking research on nematode pests that infest, debilitate, and destroy agricultural crops

Francis, Kulandei

A self-sacrificing, innovative Indian who has given up being a priest to devote himself wholly to social work that is driven by an extraordinary passion to lift people from poverty and suffering

Hasan, Syeda Rizwana

A charismatic and intense Bangladeshi lawyer and advocate for environment who has committed her life to seeing to it that under her leadership, the Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA)’s expanded programs would spark wide awareness that the “right to environment” is part of the constitutional “right to life"

Koma, Yang Saing

A Cambodian agronomist who advocated sustainable agriculture by building an empowered citizenry in the rice farming communities through food security, market access, and asset creation

Ruwindrijarto, Ambrosius

A pragmatic, hands-on, and action-oriented leader who has led anti-logging campaigns and established community-based natural resource management in Indonesia by engaging the forest communities in various social enterprise initiatives