The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Awardees from 2010

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Akiba, Tadatoshi

A three-term mayor of Hiroshima who is an acknowledged leader in the global campaign for complete nuclear disarmament

Bernido, Christopher

Filipino educators who developed an innovative approach of teaching students subjects like Physics in remote areas using the best of technology

Fu Qiping

A Chinese farmer who has done bold, constructive work in seizing and creating opportunities to address China’s environmental

Huo Daishan

A newspaper photographer from Shenqiu who exposed the blackened water, poisonous fumes and dead fish of the Huai river through his moving photographs

Khan, A.H.M. Noman

A Bangladeshi community leader who organized a group that advocated for bettering the lives of disabled people in his country and beyond

Pan Yue

A key figure in the Chinese government’s efforts in environmental protection