The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Awardees who worked in Myanmar

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Ka Hsaw Wa

A Burmese activist during the anti-dictatorship demonstrations of 1988 who was arrested, tortured and fled to the jungle to seek refuge, recorded the horrible military atrocities committed against ordinary villagers and found a way to get these stories out into the world

Kyaw Thu

Myanmar’s preeminent movie actor and director, who has also established a wide network of free health, social, and educational programs for the poor

Lahpai, Seng Raw

An ethnic Kachin woman and a humanitarian aid worker who has demonstrated tact and openness as a leader, working harmoniously with various groups across ethnic, religious, and political divides

Luce, Tee Tee

A Burmese humanitarian who rescued abandoned and wayward boys off Yangon’s streets, giving them not only a roof and food but a home and her heart, a haven and an opportunity to lead decent lives