The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Awardees who worked in Malaysia

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Abdul Rahman, Tunku Putra

Malaysia’s “Father of Independence”, who became president of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) and spearheaded the alliance between the UMNO and the Malayan Chinese Association (1951) and that of the UMNO and the Malayan Indian Congress (1955)

Alias, Raja Muhammad

Malaysia’s hardworking and committed government official, who successfully organized and enabled landless laborers to become productive farmers sustaining benefits from various plantations

Hanafiah, Haji Ahmad

Malaysia’s devoted and creative leader, who addressed the need of poor pilgrims to Mecca for safety and orderliness, and in the process established a fund for supporting future pilgrimages

Noordin, Tan Sri Ahmad

Malaysia’s deeply moral and committed civil servant, who restored confidence in government by ensuring that the heads of government institutions grow in integrity and responsibility over public funds entrusted to them

Sekhar, Balachandra Chakkingal

A scientist and first Malaysian to head the Chemistry Division in 1964 and later became the Director of the Institute, in 1966. Led The Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM) showing that farmers in developing lands, guided by effective application of systematized knowledge and organization, can compete with great, multinational corporations and safeguard their means of livelihood