The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Awardees who worked in India

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Chaturvedi, Sanjiv

A young, idealistic civil servant in the Indian Forest Service and later on the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, who did not turn away from the corruption infesting government but resolutely worked to correct them

Chowdhury, Amitabha

An Indian reporter who saw the modern Indian intellectual as the heir to an ethical system and a philosophical culture, and who is judged by his honesty, self-sacrifice and the urge he shows to public service

Coyaji, Banoo Jehangir

An Indian physician and activist in family planning andpopulation control and pioneered programmes of community health workers in rural areas of Maharashtra, the third largest state in India

Desai, Manibhai Bhimbhai

A respected Indian social activist, associate of Mahatma Gandhi, and a pioneer of rural development who devoted his life to uplifting the rural poor of Uruli thru his nature cure Ashram which continues to this day and is well known throughout India

Francis, Kulandei

A self-sacrificing, innovative Indian who has given up being a priest to devote himself wholly to social work that is driven by an extraordinary passion to lift people from poverty and suffering