The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Awardees who worked in China

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Chiang Mon Lin

China’s indefatigable government leader who, as chairman of the Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction, successfully increased agricultural production in the hands of farmers’ organizations and enriched the quality of rural life

Fei Xiaotong

A pioneering Chinese researcher and professor of sociology and anthropology noted for his studies in the study of China's ethnic groups as well as a social activist

Fu Qiping

A Chinese farmer who has done bold, constructive work in seizing and creating opportunities to address China’s environmental

Gao Yaojie

A medical doctor who discovered that the high incidence of HIV-AIDS in China’s Henan province was due to the profitable but reckless business of selling human blood

Hu, Shuli

China’s “most dangerous woman” who has changed her country’s media landscape through her balanced and strongly-researched journalistic style that does not stir up emotions, and keeps its eye on the issues rather than on personalities

Huo Daishan

A newspaper photographer from Shenqiu who exposed the blackened water, poisonous fumes and dead fish of the Huai river through his moving photographs

Liang Congjie

A Chinese historian best known for his work as an environmental activist who established the Friends of Nature in 1994 as the first environmental non-governmental organization