The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Emergent Leadership Awardees

Recognized as an individual, forty years of age or younger, for outstanding work on issues of social change in his or her community, but whose leadership may not yet be broadly recognized outside of this community.

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Abadiano, Benjamin

A young Filipino man who discovered the world of indigenous peoples and committed himself to improving their lives through education that emphasize literacy, livelihood and leadership skills that uphold their cultural values and traditions

Ka Hsaw Wa

A Burmese activist during the anti-dictatorship demonstrations of 1988 who was arrested, tortured and fled to the jungle to seek refuge, recorded the horrible military atrocities committed against ordinary villagers and found a way to get these stories out into the world

Kejriwal, Arvind

A tax officer with the Indian Revenue Service who started an anti-bribe campaign in his own department (Tax Department) and co-founded Parivartan (meaning “change”) to empower Indian citizens to fight corruption