Cayabyab, Raymundo Pujante

A joyous Filipino artist who is continuously nurturing young people's gifts through power of music

Kim, Jong-ki

A South Korean visionary who is stemming the destructive tide of youth violence in his country

Kumar, Ravish

An Indian journalist who has been harnessing broadcast journalism to give voice to the voiceless

Neelapaijit, Angkhana

A stoic leader who has been championing justice for the marginalized in Southern Thailand, case after painful case

Ko Swe Win

A young editor who has help rebuild the quality and force of media's truth-telling in Myanmar

Chhang, Youk

A brave and stoic man who is preserving the historical memory of Cambodia's Killing Fields for healing and justice

Cruz, Maria de Lourdes Martins

A Timorese community leader who has been building a caring society brick by brick

Dee, Howard

A Filipino patriot who has been championing peace, justice and economic growth for decades

Vatwani, Bharat

An Indian psychiatrist who has been instrumental in restoring the health and dignity of the troubled and mentally disabled