The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

Luce, Tee Tee

A Burmese humanitarian who rescued abandoned and wayward boys off Yangon’s streets, giving them not only a roof and food but a home and her heart, a haven and an opportunity to lead decent lives

Chiang Mon Lin

China’s indefatigable government leader who, as chairman of the Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction, successfully increased agricultural production in the hands of farmers’ organizations and enriched the quality of rural life

Lubis, Mochtar

Editor-in-Chief and part owner of Indonesia Raya who fought against government corruption, the violation of civil liberties by the military and against the inroads of totalitarianism in his country

Rutnam, Mary

 HIGHLIGHTS In 1896, MARY RUTNAM left the country of her birth to serve a people of a different race, creed and custom. For 62 years she applied her heart, mind and her medical knowledge with sights and understanding to the problems of the Ceylonese people. Her greatest contribution has been the introduction into Ceylon of […]